The Werner-von-Siemens ring has earned a prominent special position among the multitude of awards and prices for achievements in science and technology. It is considered the highest German award for people who have promoted technical sciences with their achievements or forged new paths with technical research in their role as scientific representatives. The ring is usually awarded every three years by the Werner-von-Siemens Ring Foundation. The Federal President acts as patron of the foundation.


In addition, the foundation pays tribute to deceased people who made lasting contributions to technology in connection with technical sciences, by erecting monuments and commemorative plaques.


The awardees of the ring include personalities such as Carl von Linde, Ludwig Bölkow, Artur Fischer and Konrad Zuse.


The web pages of the foundation report about the bearers of the Werner-von-Siemens-Ring and their achievements. We would be happy if this documentation could serve both as stimulus and motivation for the younger generation and not only as a simple reminder of what the laureates have accomplished. At the same time we should like to highlight the significance and the meaning of this prize which serves as a publicly visible indicator for excellence in technical science.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Ullrich,

Chairman of the Foundation Council

President of the German National Metrology Institute